does anyone know where I can watch the teen choice awards? (a link perhaps)

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Anonymous asked: Would you describe yourself as a slut in bed?


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Anonymous asked: i'm going back to school on the 20th of august and i need to lose at least 20 pounds any tips??

go to my weight loss blog roadtoconfidence i’ll gelp you there 

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Girl Next Door- Emblem3 (Acoustic) w/ Lyrics

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Anonymous asked: why aren't you on anymore? :(

well to be honest it’s summer and stuff so I’m just out a lot. but i’m also focusing on myself and trying to lose weight so I’m either out exercising or on my weight loss tumblr.

if you wanna talk to me, hit me up there roadtoconfidence

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Anonymous asked: gel I miss you....

I miss all you guys so much!

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so keaton randomly liked my selfie I put on twitter last night…………….


I’m not complaining.. I mean..

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I’VE BEEN ON MY WEIGHT LOSS TUMBLR. i’m focusing on myself for the summer. follow it if you want :)




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MKTO- Classic

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it’s a good day. we found out wesley, does indeed, have hair.

mind blown.

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okay so i think i can finally post this now..

two weeks ago when i met emblem3 my friend and i gave her number to drew and he texted us and we hung out with him at the hotel for two and a half hours after the show.

if you want more details message me but he’s honestly the sweetest guy ever and this is 100% true and i’m not lying kbye

Anonymous asked: your video made me tear up. never give up. i believe in you and just believe that you can do it and you will. xo

thanks babe!!!

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Anonymous asked: what do you admire about yourself... what kind of music do you like.. and last thing you ate

I admire my strength and my will power

I love all kinds mostly. pop, motown, all that shiz

popcorn and green tea

ask me shit you wanna know

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i can’t remember the last time I had wes feels

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Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.